Finding You

When’s the last time you were discouraged from dreaming and encouraged instead to work? “Get your head out of the clouds, boy and get to work.” Or, “get your head out of the clouds, girl and get to work.” Sound familiar? Perhaps it was something you heard as a young child.

And, so we work…year after year. Amongst a maze of busyness, constant distractions, family and friends lies the tiny seed of a dream. We all have the seed of a dream, but forget to nourish it with nutrients required to produce the dream. Nutrients might include intentionality, priority and value. I understand within the scope of a packed schedule how we can easily forget to care for the seed of our dream. The boss has demands and the family has needs. Life comes at us fast and we react to the parts of life that keeps our head above water…while the dream sinks to the deeper, innermost parts of us.

For the individuals who yearn for more, the deeper our dreams fall, the more our internal dialogue becomes riddled with guilt and broken promises. Iʼll work on my dream tomorrow. Tomorrow comes. Iʼll do it on the weekend. The weekend arrives. We chose instead to rest or do the pressing things that couldnʼt be done during the week. Then comes the mind funk—the feeling of unhappiness while we are left to wonder whatʼs wrong with life. Many people face this everyday as they live for everyone else except for themselves.

If you struggle to prioritize your dream, I have one word for you. Boundaries. Part of finding yourself in the maze of clutter is about drawing hard lines in the sand—after work, a portion of time belongs to me. Have you forgotten what itʼs like to dream? Take the steps to rediscover your dream. Donʼt worry dreaming is free. Following the dream is costly. Lastly, be real with yourself. Are you really too busy to think about your dream or can you just be more intentional with your time and thoughts. I submit the latter. It may take reading inspirational books like The Art of More to get excited or it could take the simple feeling of prolonged dissatisfaction. Whatever it takes. Get out there and find your true self—the part of you that was meant to live out your dreams. Remember it’s never to late to be who you could’ve been.

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Jazz Fox