The Night Before Go Live...

Have you ever been on a webinar or at a live event when the presenter's technology acts up? No biggie. The audience understands, right? Most will, but a thought will inevitably cross at least one viewer's mind: Did he/she prepare?


The Night Before Go Live...

It's been three days since the launch of Driven. We are pumped and ready to greet our new supporters and followers on the internet! We over prepare. We're doing and learning what's needed the days leading up to Go Live. Tips and tricks here, tips and tricks there, tips and tricks, tips and tricks everywhere. We tested as much as we could the night before. There is only so much you can test without actually going live.

Go Live Day
We stop for a quick bite and plan to head to our designated stream spot when we receive an urgent call. A relative's in the ER, come right away. 10-4! Unbelievable...that's two relatives in a week's time.

The broadcast...we'll improvise. Grab everything! Let's get to the hospital, get debriefed and find a quiet place to stream. We arrive and check on our relative. She's stable and awaiting test results. Good! We chat up a few nurses to find a hidden gem of a room and apologetically explain to our relative that we'll need to step away briefly.

We found the room just as the nurses said. It was a cozy little consultation room. We rearrange a few items. With the exception of the dead-giveaway-hospital chairs, the room could pass for a space in a home. The viewers would be none the wiser.

We boot up our Macs. "What...wait....what's going on right now? Howcome it keeps saying check your connection? We're connected to the hospital's wi-fi." We troubleshoot while watching the clock. It's getting closer and closer to GO LIVE time. "Okay, let's close everything and start over." [Same thing.] Not a good look for a new brand. Ugh! When the clock ticks past start time, we decide to give the dreaded communication: "Sorry, we're having technical difficulties." It was totally deflating given all the work we put in.

So, there you have it folks! Our experience with our 1st GO Live as Driven. If you're on a webinar and things go wrong...rather than think the presenter under prepared, assume they over prepared and that it's technology that will not allow them to show you their greatness. Plus, you never know what kind of decisions the presenter had to make in order to keep their commitment to you. Keep it positive and keep pushing, no matter what life hurls your way. By the way, our relative was released and we all left the hospital together. (In case you were wondering).

Positively Us,
Jazz and Kisha Fox