How to Make Affirmations a Seamless Part of Your Busy Day

Do you think you have no time for daily affirmations? Yes, I know all about the need for more time in a day. I also know it’s important to get in a positive mindset to start the day. I’ve actually found ways to make affirmations a seamless part of my already busy day, which I’m happy to share.

  • I noticed I’m more likely to say affirmations when I get on them first thing before the bustling of others commence in the house. Speaking positive affirmations prepares my mind and sets a good tone for my day! I’m a more patient mompreneur and wife. Score!!!

  • If I miss my morning me time because the kiddos wake before I do, I make saying affirmations a family affair. I split a small stack of affirmations with my 6-year old son and 2-year old daughter. We take turns reading them aloud. Not only do I transform my thinking, I spend quality time with them while we play our "game." My son voluntarily picks up the affirmation cards (but gives us the 3rd degree when asked to read his library books). He once asked, "Mom, what's perseverance?" Score!!! He improves his reading skills, builds his confidence and plants positive thoughts for life. My daughter can't read yet, but she looks at the cards and makes up words. It’s fun, hilarious and heartwarming! If you have toddlers, try it! Or, maybe try reading the affirmations with your teen!

  • I keep the affirmations in various rooms of the house. If you're into aesthetics like me, arts and craft stores have pretty glass and wooden bowls/cubes you could place the affirmations cards in. Oh, and washrooms make for great places to stack your affirmation decks.

  • Lastly I’ve committed a few hot affirmations to memory to say throughout the day. If it's in my head, I can recite them as needed.

See?! It’s easy and convenient to make positive affirmations a part of your daily routine. You’ll be amazed at how differently you begin to think about everything…parenting, spousing (if that’s a word), business, finances, the difficult neighbor, the irate driver, etc. I like that I make positivity an intentional part of my day-to-day.

Grab affirmations decks here.

Positively Me,

Kisha Fox