Embracing the Process

Embracing the Process

Three Keys to Cope with the Frustration of Entrepreneurial Growth

In my life there has been a recurring danger that I’ve lacked the courage to address, until recently. Within my passions, whether it be writing, art or business, I would arrive at an intersection. It was a peculiar place—a place where my desires and my feelings of inadequacy would collide. I’d stall there often. My growth halted. I’d sit there loathing this awkward standstill. The stutter in progress caused me frustration and doubt. Why? Why must I linger here?! Why don’t I take another route? Stupid intersection!

Ahhh…yes, the old familiar intersection called process. I know it all too well. Perhaps you do too. As a beginning entrepreneur it is incredibly vital we learn to trust the process. On our path to business growth, our desires and great ideas will undoubtedly collide with feelings of inadequacy, inexperience and lack of knowledge. We might even find ourselves questioning How do we offer value to the world while pushing an unknown, startup brand? How long before we “make it?”

I have discovered helpful strategies that have helped me to become unstuck. First, I’ve changed my perspective on entrepreneurship. I’ve learned that with any endeavor there is the initial dream, the ensuing success, but the chasm in between the two can be immense. The ability to cope with the growth gap is how we achieve dreams—it’s called embracing the process.

Embracing the Process
If the truth were told, many fail to embrace the process of business and personal growth because of fear or the growing pains. One of the pains of growth comes when you lack the ability to execute on all the great ideas or ambitions you have. Is it frustrating? You bet! It is even more maddening to witness others’ businesses thriving the way you wish, but you learn patience.

How do we resolve the dilemma? We do it by using three keys. One key is to give yourself permission to fail. The second key is to keep your business dreams fresh. And, the third and final key is to engage your dreams with passion.

Give yourself permission to fail
Throughout my life, from art to entrepreneurship, my ambition has been higher than my skill level. It’s a tough place to be. When the desire for achievement exceeds your current skillset, the time it takes to achieve your dreams is exponentially higher. When you give yourself permission to fail, it removes unrealistic expectations you put on yourself and switches your perspective of success. You begin to embrace the process and expect to learn from failure. You also develop patience on the journey. I find failures can teach you the most.

Keep the dream fresh
Dream chasing is a grueling process and it can be easy to lose sight of your objective when the dream is delayed. Impatience, frustration and fear can be real stumbling blocks to progress. When you lose focus on the WHY behind your business, the brick wall of obstacles may seem insurmountable. When you keep your dream at the forefront of your mind, you stay dialed in and motivated to problem solve.
Vision boarding is a great way to keep the dream fresh. It allows you to actively create a piece of art that represents your dream in a visual way, for constant reference. Talking to a mentor also works to give proper perspective of business growth and setbacks.

Engage dreams with passion
With any endeavor you pursue, there should be passion. Passion is the energy that powers you through frustration, fear, lack of experience, etc. It’s important to surround yourself with people doing what you desire. Another helpful activity is to find a muse or focal point that keeps you hungry. For example, you could read a story of a young entrepreneur who is doing big things. If you are motivated by nice houses or fine cars, then you could periodically drive through nice neighborhoods or car dealerships dreaming of how it will feel to own those things.

Whatever works to get passion rushing through your veins, find it! Passion will keep you chipping away at your business goals no matter how many times you fail or feel unprepared. Keep planting the seeds of growth and embrace the process. A harvest will come in due time.