The Price of Dreams

“Mistakes are expensive, but wisdom pays well.” - Jazz Fox

There are costs for making bad decisions and there are rewards for making good ones. Have you ever considered the cost when we make the mistake of not following our dreams? How expensive do you suppose it is?

Imagine the Cost

I imagine the cost looks a lot like an investment chart depicting two individuals who start to invest at different ages. One young man starts to invest at age 25 versus a middle aged man who starts investing the same amount at 35. If you’ve seen an investment chart, the one who starts earlier has the astronomical amount by retirement age, even if he stopped investing later. Why? Time and compound interest. Financial charts prove that it pays to invest early.

The same applies to dreams. Think about the quality of life you could have five or ten years from now if you invest in your dreams and start what’s in your heart? Think about how your life might look in a few years if you bite the bullet and write the novel that has been screaming to be created or start that business that’ll offer a solution.

Start Now!

Start now! Every minute you delay your dream you lose out on the currency of purpose compounding in your life. Walking in purpose pays well, even if it isnʼt in dollars at first—it sometimes pays in fulfillment, joy and adventure. When you decide not to invest in that dream you leave life for others to enjoy and potentially leave millions on the table. The younger you start the longer you can reap the fruits in life, with compound effects. There’s a price for dreams—either we pay to make them come true or we pay for not following them. I know what I choose. What about you?