The Self-Talk Cycle

What is Self-Talk?

Do you remember seeing commercials or movies where a person had a devil on one shoulder and an angel on another?  The devil would speak bad stuff while the angel would speak good.  Well, that’s a good way to explain what self-talk is.  It’s the constant inner dialogue we have with ourselves.  Good talk (angel).  Bad talk (devil).  Give the speakers the avatar that’s most suitable to your taste…good talk (Thor), bad talk (Loki).   Whatever helps.

The Dominant Voice of Self-Talk

By default, the dominant voice of self-talk is the one that most summarizes our real-life experiences. 

A large portion of how we view life is a result of our experiences.  If we’ve been through hell all our life, it’s a very good chance the negative self-talk is the dominant voice.

Our upbringing plays a part, but should not play the leading role when it doesn’t serve us well.

Consciously and subconsciously, your thoughts are dominated by what you’ve gone through.

Navigate the negative

It’s important that we learn to navigate negative experiences appropriately— go through them, learn from them and move on!

We can’t control everything that happens to us, but we can control how we respond.  Chose positivity.  Yes, even in negative situations.  It’ll help us in the end. Also, I/you have to be willing to change myself/yourself in the negative situations. If it’s happening, we should find our happy place in spite of it.  I know...easier said than done, but it’s absolutely possible to do with a little focus and determination. 

If you’re trapped in a negative environment and there’s nothing you can do about it, find an environment that is uplifting where you can recharge. I once worked in a very hostile and negative work survive I had to find my place to recharge.  It's the only thing I could do so I wouldn't get sucked in and stuck on the bad.  One coworker in the same environment, asked me, "How do you stay so zen, Kisha?"  Lol!  If only he'd come onboard a year or two earlier, maybe he would've saw the broken, not-so-zen Kisha.  Finding your zen or positivity pinnacle amidst negativity will take work, but you got this!

If you've had the pleasure of nothing but good fortune most of your life, there's a chance that you naturally evolved into a person whose inner dialogue is topped with sprinkles and rainbows. Positivity is your morning coffee, just because.  Be grateful.  This specific blog isn’t for you, but is totally shareable.

For those of us climbing from the ashes, the goal is to shake the things that happened to us that weren’t great. Aim to leave the past and move on with a productive life.  But, first we got to silence the devil on our shoulder and give credence to the POSITIVE VOICE at all times.

How?  That’s where Driven comes in.

Positive Affirmations help you to build positive, dominant thoughts to modify the limiting beliefs of your past. When you’ve dominated your thoughts, you’ll begin to act on the new belief to achieve the outcomes you sincerely seek.  You’ll see the results and you’ll continue to build new dominant thoughts by adopting new positive affirmations for various areas of your life.  That’s the basic science behind positive affirmations.

The self-talk cycle depicted in a quick reference tool.

The self-talk cycle depicted in a quick reference tool.

The cycle works in the negative as well as the positive.  

If you’re stuck on the negative self-talk cycle, we encourage you to make a conscious effort today to start the positive self-talk cycle. We have simple positive thoughts all packaged and ready to ship to you.