There is an ART to MORE...

It was one particular moment, one particular incident that deflated me from the inside.  She wasn't ready.  She simply wasn't ready.  And, based on what she said, she'd never be.  I was crushed.  I hurt for her...that she didn't want more for herself.  That she hadn't had the courage to believe she could have more.  Have you ever wanted so much more for a person than they wanted for themselves? I felt that for this woman. I wanted more for her than she wanted for herself.  That woman that I speak of...well, she'll remain anonymous for now.

I couldn't understand it.  I couldn't believe it, but now I get it.  Do you know that there is an art to MORE?  There is an art to wanting more.  It's a simple art, but an art nonetheless.  The hardest thing to do is try and drag someone into greatness who doesn’t want it. Either you will get hurt or they will get hurt.

That one particular incident that I spoke of, I was the one who got hurt. I had to walk away from it all. I had to make the choice to go after more without her. It was tough.

[Fastforward 4.5 years…]

The lady that I spoke of…she found the ART of more! Oh, if you can see her! She is bright, she is happy, she is in pursuit of a dream. You go, girl! I’m behind you rooting for you the hardest! Proud of who you’re becoming!

Life has amazing stories worth capturing and sharing.

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