Positive Affirmation Decks


You have heard about the law of attraction.  You have heard about the power of affirmation. You have heard about the rewards of positive self-talk. Why do affirmations work? 

Surprisingly, our brain, as awesome as it is, does not have the ability to tell real from imagined. When you affirm yourself in the positive, your brain begins to believe it. Soon, the actions you take will be in lock-step with your new beliefs. What you think, you become and what you become fuels what you do.

At Driven, we realize that the concept of affirmations can come off as “mystical” if you have never used positive speak to shape your life. We have created these cards as the easiest entry point to start infusing positive affirmations to create change in your life.

Not 100% convinced that changing your words can change your life? Check out our blog on the self-talk cycle.