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A Thought. A Belief. An Emotion. An Action. Whalaa!

You attract into your life what you speak into your life. At Driven, we’ve made it easy and convenient for you to inject positivity into your words.

Our products are birthed from personal experiences, then shaped and molded by individuals just like you.  Our products are sure to stir up something inside of you! And, they ship for FREE!

All of our affirmation products are of high quality and are elegantly designed. The simple and precise content will have you eagerly reciting daily affirmations to start your day off on a positive note. Watch your life begin to transform as you start to change your mind.

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2019 Wall Calendar

2019 Calendar.jpg

This 12-month wall calendar provides the writing space needed to track your business plans.

  • Picturesque backgrounds

  • Empowering affirmation for each month

  • 11.5"X14.5"


T-Shirt Collection

Unisex Tee

Unisex Tee

Women’s Classic V-Neck

Women’s Classic V-Neck

Positive Vibes Only Tee

Let your tee speak for you.

Ward off bad vibes at the onset.

Do you think negative people will feel comfortable complaining while you rock this tee?

We doubt it.


Black & White Mug Collection

Sip Positively

Nothing wakes you and prepares you for the day like your favorite hot beverage. An extra dose of positivity while you sip to set the tone for the day can go a long way.

Meet our black and white collection!

Positive Affirmation Decks


Perfectly sized and printed on high quality stock to withstand daily use. Each deck is enclosed in a hard case that fits in a pocket or purse for easy carry.

We offer four, 50-card deck options:

  • Aspiring for more (Aspiring Deck)

  • New to something (Newbie Deck)

  • Experienced but still need a boost (Savvy Deck)

  • Soul needs a pick-me-up (Spirit/Soul Deck)

Each deck has a unique set of concise affirmations.

Not 100% convinced that changing your words can change your life? Check out our blog on the self-talk cycle.


Wall Decor


Your walls can talk...let them speak positively to you and your audience. Add a professional touch as you Go Live from your home office with one of our beautifully designed office canvases as a backdrop.  Our designs scream elegance and gives character to any wall. Your canvas will come stretched on a wooden frame and ready to hang.

We offer the following standard, canvas sizes in a variety of images and affirmations.

  • 20"W x 16"L

  • 36"W x 24"L

  • 60"W x 40"L