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The Art of More

I finished this in one day! So many tips…As you prepare for 2019 this is the perfect book to help you set your goals. Order it now. Awesome job! I plan to share the link to the book as a resource next week when I speak on personal development. I look forward to the next book.
— -F. Brown (FL)
“The Art of More” is a refreshing, yet provocative book that facilitates self discovery and growth. As the authors’ relatable journey unfolds, it effectively brings the reader along a journey of progressive yet thoughtful, personal growth and enlightenment while affording each the opportunity to reflect and internalize their own approach to attaining More. Authors Jazz and Kisha have clearly mastered their craft and successfully evoke reader introspection. The epitome of thought is captured where they state “The Art of More is about being intentional with your personal growth.” I highly recommend this book to any and everyone seeking to get more out of life and living to their fullest potential.
— — M. Vaughan-Goode (NC)
I really enjoyed the work; you have some excellent pointers; a very informative read!
— — L. Lord (WI)